How to Transform Your Marketing in an All-Digital World

June 25, 2021

Along with our partners at ClickDimensions, we held a webinar recently titled “Transforming your Marketing in an All-Digital World.” You can find the recording below. We’ve highlighted some key takeaways about the importance of embracing digital marketing and the tools that can help!  

How can digital marketing be helpful to any sector? 

B2B sales interactions are increasingly going digital. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated an already digital world – pushing every business to learn new ways to interact with customers. As customers’ and businesses’ behavioral patterns shifted to adapt to a changing society, businesses need to align their marketing and sales processes to match. 

Why did we want to host this webinar from a Microsoft Partner Perspective? 

We wanted to provide our customers insight into a marketing technology solution like ClickDimensions, which natively integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365. It provides a one stop platform for marketers to leverage the tools available and connect with their customers. 

Why Microsoft for digital marketing? 

That’s easy – Microsoft is one of the most trusted technology brands globally. Their products offer integration with different business solutions to provide companies with a one-stop solution for all their needs. From email and collaboration to Customer Relationship management (CRM), Microsoft Al fully integrates to streamline employee productivity and provide a unified view of your customers and business data. 

Why marketing automation? 

Marketing automation makes it possible for marketers to deliver a personalized experience to their customers. The software allows you to design and automate marketing campaigns across different channels (such as: email, social networks, web pages) that is tailored to your audience, streamlining time-consuming tasks.  

Some ways to use Marketing Automation for an enhanced customer journey:  

  • Automated campaigns based on prospect activities  
  • Landing pages for content downloads  
  • Event management to track registration, missed participants, and automate registrant communications 
  • Social media marketing for building connections and listening to their client base 

Why ClickDimensions for marketing automation? 

ClickDimensions is one of the top add-ons in the Microsoft CRM world year after year. Recognized by the Financial Times for the 2nd year in a row as one of the fastest growing companies in America and a front-runner in digital marketing, ClickDimensions leverages the best technology in the industry to create the leading marketing platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

ClickDimensions has multi-channel capabilities that feed into your CRM to store all your marketing data in the same place – providing tighter integration and unification of the customer profile.  

ClickDimensions can help you: 

  • Deepen Customer relationships 
  • Advance your organizational alignment 
  • Provide you with a more competitive CRM 
  • Close More Deals Faster 
  • Increase Dynamics User Adoption 

Check out the webinar to hear about the following Q&A: 

  • Is ClickDimensions GDPR compliant? 
  • What options are available for support and training? 
  • Why ClickDimensions versus other marketing automation solutions for Dynamics CRM?

How can we help?  

If you’re interested in learning about marketing automation to improve your digital presence and communication with your leads, book a coaching call!   

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