Breaking news: LRGI Joins SAMSSA!

October 27, 2019

Lloyd Research Group is proud to announce that we have become Associate members of the Sudbury Area Mining Supply and Service Association, or SAMSSA for short. SAMSSA represents the interests of the largest concentration of expertise in mining supply/products and services from within the most recognized center of excellence worldwide which is of course Sudbury.

You might be wondering what makes this news so important. LRGI’s involvement with its clients, that are leaders in the mining field, make this association a natural fit. Lloyd Research Group has a unique and dynamic ERP/CRM system of partnerships and has been in business with different aspects of the mining industry and mining supply business. LRGI has been consistently implementing the right technology for mining and what supplies and services that fit your situation. We understand the constraints that an organization within the mining sector faces, and we are educated on how best to provide a solution to fit your specific needs and requirements.

LRGI is based in Sudbury, founded in 1990 and has developed a variety of solutions for the mining industry which include:

  • Maintenance data bases,
  • Field data collection,
  • Planning and scheduling solutions,
  • Field exploration,
  • Mine operation,
  • And design.

LRGI is highly knowledgeable and experienced in serving the mining and mining supply industry. When looking for software ERP and CRM solutions, you want experienced and familiar programmers, and a high-level of expertise that will understand the world you work in. By joining SAMSSA, we are solidifying our partnership and position with the highest level of mining excellence. When it comes to ERP and CRM software, LRGI is the ideal consultant for your enterprise.

Why SAMSSA is important? Sudbury is a major hub for mining, earth sciences and geology and has this reputation across the world. SAMSSA is the face of mining in Sudbury, and LRGI wants to continue to support our customers in the SAMSSA membership community by formally joining SAMSSA. Lloyd Research Group would like to thank the Sudbury Area Mining Supply and Service Association for extending the offer of Associate member status! It is a pleasure to join the ranks of an important organization that will continue to be part of Sudbury’s past, present and future!

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