Top 4: Reasons that iTrak matters to mining!

August 11, 2019

Mining is a multi-billion dollar industry. It requires a high level of understanding when it comes to health and safety to ensure that the work is being completed safely and efficiently.  To properly maintain a workforce in such a dangerous and important sector, understanding your Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) processes is vital. The leading software to provide such a solution is iTrak, from Neosystems.

You may be wondering, what is iTrak? iTrak is the definitive software solution for managing your company’s critical internal workflow procedures and QHSE processes. Pairing modern architecture with a highly configurable layout and thoughtful integration with the Microsoft Cloud, organizations can adapt iTrak to their ever changing workflow requirements without the need of technical intervention. Essentially, what iTrak allows you to do is manage and guide your organization’s work from your mobile devices!  iTrak is ideal for features such as Incident Management, Hazard Identification, Audits and Inspections, Corrective Actions, Risk Assessment, Alerts and Approvals and even Disconnected Use.

Now, how this applies to the mining sector? How can this software take you and your organization to the next level, why does it matter to you? We’ve prepared four reasons to help you understand exactly that.

1. iTrak is highly configurable: With an easy to configure custom forms engine, you can tailor and customize forms to meet your company’s specific needs. Equipped with the tools and flexibility to customize iTrak, you will be able to maintain and expand your QHSE processes where it matters. Essentially providing you with the freedom to mold iTrak to best suit your company and its unique challenges.

2. iTrak is mobile first: iTrak’s unique interface supports desktops, smartphones, and tablets. With the immediateness of mobility, iTrak can be deployed across mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. What this means for you is that you can take iTrak with you wherever your work may bring you, be it on site, in the office or underground!

3. iTrak is based in the cloud: Hosting in the cloud allows iTrak to be quickly deployed cost effectively, and be up and running for your mobile workforce. With such a convenient solution and easy setup, iTrak levers the cloud to integrate information collected in the field with your office providing anywhere anytime access to all users!

4. iTrak allows offline use: Mobile workforces are able to access critical information and workflows with or without a network connection. This adds an unprecedented level of access and freedom to your workforce and to you, to be able to access the information you need when you need it regardless of network connectivity especially in underground environments or where there is no communications infrastructure! Data is stored locally on the mobile device until your field staff return within range of a network connection. Then, all local data is synchronized back into your iTrak database for instant notifications and reporting.